Booking for Solat Aidilfitri 1444H (22 Apr 2023)

Booking for our 1st Session (8 am) will be opened on Wednesday, 19 Apr 2023 at 12pm.
No bookings are required for our 2nd Session (9.30 am).

πŸ•£1st Session (booking required): 8.00 am

πŸ‘€ Imam/Khatib: Ustaz Md Azri Azman, President, Muhammadiyah Association

πŸ•£ 2nd Session (walk-in, no booking required): 9.30 am

πŸ‘€ Imam/Khatib: Ustaz Md Ishlaahuddin Jumat, Vice President 1, Muhammadiyah Association

πŸ‘₯️️ Limited to 350 ​​Muslimin and 100 Muslimat for each session.

πŸ“± Congregants will need to book their slots for the 1st session only at

🏠 Congregants (for 1st session) can book for their family members from the same household.

*Children aged 2 years and below do not need to be registered.

πŸš‰ To avoid traffic congestion, congregants are advised to take public transport or carpool.